Smart Buyer:-

Buying hardware for your place is a very difficult decision and there are large sums of money involved but make it very easy and comfortable with affordable price tag. Hardware buying is fearful and puzzle, because buyer don’t have enough information to make a completely informed decision. The best you can do is try to educate yourself in all aspects of the home hardware hunt, keep a clear head and buy hardware that fits your style and become a SMART BUYER. We are there to help you in all aspects, only you have to do write a mail at [email protected].

To be a smart buyer, you need to be conscious buyer. In this case, conscious means being aware of things and offer by the company. Shop your products with “Sale Offer”, “Pre Booking” and “Bulk Order”. You get up to 70% discount on the products which are a big deal and become Smart Buyer.

Sale Offer: -

Company is giving discount of 32% offer in almost all the products. In addition to that some seasonal and occasional offers are also given by the company with promotional discount coupons.

Pre Booking:-

Pre booking is a order given by the buyer for the products which will delivered 3-4 weeks time with a discount of 10% flat or more, addition to any other discounts. Pre booking incentive, also known as Pre Booking Bonus which encourages buyers to reserve your products. For this you need to mail us at [email protected] or click here for Discount Coupons and you will get pre booking bonus coupon for shopping. You can also use this coupon for single product purchase.

Bulk Order:-

Bulk order discount is for quantity buyers. Smart Buyer always makes a list of requirement and buys in bulk quantity to achieve discount. The minimum purchase of Rs.45,000 and you get the discount of 15% flat or more, addition to any other discounts. For this you need to mail us at [email protected] or click here for Discount Coupons and you will get bulk order bonus coupon for shopping.

Important Notes:-
Products Images you are looking on the site, may be some what different from original products. Photos of products may vary from colours, pattern and looks. While purchasing make your mind little bit imaginative for looks of the products.


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